What Fun Programs Do Retirement Communities Have?

The retirement years are a person’s golden years. It is a time to relax among peers and engage in activities that bring joy and fulfillment, and our Cave Creek Assisted Living retirement community is a fantastic setting to do just that! When we say “retirement community” we aren’t talking about your typical nursing homes, where A Place For Mom estimates over 1 million 65 or older adults in the US currently reside.

No, when we say “retirement community”, we mean a place designed for adults in their senior years to make the most out of their golden years in a comfortable community. Our community offers a wealth of fun and exciting programs that will keep you active, social, and excited. 

A Peek at Some of the Fun Programs Offered by Cave Creek Assisted Living:

1. Pottery and Painting

Rediscover (or discover for the very first time) the joy of creating with your hands through artistic programs like pottery and painting classes. Such classes offer a creative outlet alongside the opportunity to relax, focus, and socialize among friends. Our retirement community offers classes that provide the tools necessary for both seasoned artists and curious beginners to take part.

2. Sightseeing Trips and Artistic Excursions

While our modern assisted living community strives to provide everything residents could want or need on our premises, we also know the value of providing programs that take residents out and about the world at large. 

Community members can sign up for local excursions to places like museums, theaters, and nature parks. Some may even organize longer overnight excursions that are more like mini-vacations to regional landmarks or otherwise exciting locations.

3. Big On-Site Activities and Events

The best retirement communities know the value of bringing in new events and activities for residents to enjoy and look forward to. This is why you’ll often find our retirement community with full calendars of both regular activities (like those aforementioned art classes) and unique pop-up events and activities. 

For example, guest speakers are often brought in to talk about things like their latest book or a passion project they want to share. We will also commonly host movie nights, bingo events, and other pop-up events.

Are you ready to join a larger assisted living community during your golden years? Contact our friendly team at Cave Creek Assisted Living today for more information.

Posted 6/24/24