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Active Aging Through Inspired Living


Cave Creek Assisted Living senior community guarantees you’ll never experience a shortage of engaging pursuits. With an array of spaces and activities as well as a myriad of amenities in the community, your days will be tailored to your preferences – brimming with choices for both vibrant interactions and peaceful moments of solitude.

At Cave Creek, we’ve curated an extensive selection of activities and programs designed to enrich your life while bolstering your independence. By entrusting our dedicated staff with household tasks, you’ll unlock more time to socialize, unwind, or indulge in your cherished pastimes.

Our life enrichment team orchestrates an enticing variety of recreational, social, artistic, and fitness engagements, fostering an environment of vitality. You have the freedom to chart your own course for the day, whether it involves unwinding or immersing yourself in activities like movie screenings, creative workshops, enlightening guest talks, festive gatherings, social occasions, and enjoyable outings.

Through our daily schedules and partnerships with esteemed local academic, artistic, and cultural institutions, residents of Assisted Living and Memory Care can immerse themselves in an abundance of in-house and external programs that champion active living and continuous learning. By exchanging experiences, passions, and skills, our senior residents discover new facets of themselves and carry forward the vibrancy that has always illuminated their lives.

Our philosophy for better health and well-being, is living an inspired life. Every program at Cave Creek is curated to achieve that goal.

Programming Curated For You

Because your dreams, passions and hobbies are as unique as you are. Our activities, programs and amenities are tailored to accommodate all levels of mobility and skill to ensure each resident experiences a fulfilling journey.



Pottery, painting, music, writing, photography and more are all supported and encouraged as part of Cave Creek’s retirement living. Creative expression provides an opportunity for older adults to overcome limitations through creative and imaginative thought. Knitting, gardening, painting, puzzles, and book clubs – pursue your passions!

Events & Excursions


Excursions to arts performances, museums, site-seeing trips, parks, and attractions will keep your calendar robust. Residents can enjoy live concerts, recitals, theatre, arts and cultural performances in our dedicated theatre or in the community. For shows and concerts hosted outside of the residence, transportation can be arranged.



Relax with a drink in The Lounge or sit by the fire and share stories with friends. Join one of many clubs and meet like-minded neighbours. Your senior lifestyle experience at Cave Creek includes a concierge, Wi-Fi in social spaces and dedicated transportation for scheduled shopping and excursions. Weekly game nights, personal interest clubs, external excursions – the social calendar is always filled with entertaining activities.



From guest speakers, movie nights, various on-site non-denominational religious services, and regularly scheduled live entertainment, we set the stage for you to enjoy life again.

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