5 Signs It’s Time to Look Into Local Retirement Communities

It can be challenging for a family to realize it’s time to start looking into local retirement communities for their loved ones. However, some situations make retirement homes necessary to protect your loved one or ensure they are in the best care possible. 


In many cases, local retirement communities can help improve their quality of life and their relationships. These are the signs you should start looking for.

1. Caregiver Burnout


Caring for loved ones can be stressful and emotionally challenging. Caregivers who are burnt out often struggle to care for themselves and may start to feel misguided resentment, which is the last thing any family wants to balance. 


At Cave Creek Assisted Living, our expert team can handle caregiving tasks so you can enjoy having a fulfilling relationship with your loved one.


2. Supervision Required


As seniors experience a decline in cognitive functioning, they can accidentally put themselves in dangerous situations unknowingly. 


For example, a person with dementia may try to drink unsafe chemicals or liquids that are left out if they are accidentally placed near a dining table or kitchen. 


Situations like this call for constant supervision to protect your loved ones.  Our team will, make sure to provide the needed supervision to protect your loved one, and make sure they are kept out of harm’s way.


3. Social Isolation


Many seniors find themselves socially isolated as they age or develop various conditions, as it becomes difficult to not only maintain relationships but also to forge new friendships. 


Cave Creek Assisted Living offers art programs, social events, and other activities to help seniors spend quality time together. This allows your loved ones to be sociable if they want, but also pick and choose activities that suit their interests best.


4. Memory Decline


Memory decline is typical in seniors, but that doesn’t make it easier to manage. Our facilities also offer memory care services to help prevent or slow cognitive decline. It can be challenging at home to balance a family and job while learning how to help your loved one and keep their mind engaged and challenged.


5. Safety Concerns


Safety is always the #1 priority, and there are many things that your average home just isn’t equipped to deal with. The risk of falling from unexpected scenarios can be a concern and may mean your loved one requires more assistance. 


Cognitive decline can also lead to other, not as noticeable, safety concerns. Balancing a healthy diet and maintaining proper hygiene should also be priorities, and are often forgotten by families looking after their loved ones.


Our retirement community will help ensure that your loved one has a better quality of life as they gracefully age. Professional aides and nurses will ensure an excellent hygiene routine, while our facilities will provide ample opportunities for socialization. Contact Cave Creek Assisted Living when you’re ready to take a tour.